I completed my study in Osteopathy at Istituto Superiore di Osteopatia,

the oldest and most prestigious school of osteopathy in Italy, achieving a

Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy validated by the University of Wales.

My interest in life and health was initially born due to a pelvic injury which I incurred during a soccer match when I was only 9 years old. It took me almost 5 years to completely recover from this event and that initial problem carried a series of related situations that have extensively affected my body, mind and spirit. During these years I was subjected to three surgical operations, which rendered me totally debilitated for almost a year, spent in recuperation between home and hospital undergoing rehabilitation therapy. I met many children suffering conditions worse than mine who had travelled from foreign countries to Italy seeking  a resolution. Lying on my back on a hospital bed for almost a year afforded me a lot of time to think and I experienced the importance of health for children and  subsequently for all their family.


“Man is a triune, the human being is a dynamic functional unit whose state of health is influenced by body, mind and spirits.”

Once I had recovered from my pelvic problem and my year of immobilization, I encountered other problems relating to errors in how I had managed  my diet. I had to confront obesity both physically and emotionally, due to the importance that all too often is placed on appearance.

However through these years of experience, a spark was generated inside my mind which enabled me to reach an awareness on the importance of wellbeing from several different aspects, and not just merely physical.


“We know life only by the motion of material body.”

Within our body, every living mechanism is being manifested with motion, as outside it, where our social life is being expressed through physical movement.

In a macro point of view, being able to move without feeling pain or discomfort allow us to be independent and to achieve our aspirations in life. In a micro point of view allowing the restoration of internal movement of body fluid, cellular exchange and neural transmission which are the foundation to find freedom from disease and, in all the cases in which debility could not be eliminated, to better improve the quality of daily-life during it.

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